Publication Policy

Publication Policy

Eurasian Journal of Molecular and Biochemical (Eurasian Mol Bio Sci) is open access, peer-reviewed, nationally and internationally refereed scientific journal published twice a year in March and October, since 2022. Scientific articles submitted for publication in the journal must be in English.

The journal new peer in the fields of molecular and medical sciences is one of the journals. While the journal mainly provides a platform where issues related to molecular analysis of human, plant, animal, and microorganisms.

The target audience of the journal is academicians, researchers, professionals, students, and related professional and academic institutions and organizations. Maximum one article can be published in a number of author / authors.

No processing fee or submission fee is charged for articles sent to the journal or accepted for publication.

All expenses of the journal are covered by Erzurum Technical University. Articles submitted for article publication and article processes in the journal should be prepared in accordance with the rules of research and publication ethics. The journal observes the publication ethics principles, standards, and recommendations determined by the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

All rights of the studies uploaded to Eurasian Mol Med Sci have been transferred to the journal by the authors. A signature and a certificate of approval are not required from the author for this process. The scientific content, language, legal and ethical responsibilities of the studies published in the journal belong to the author / authors.

In the studies evaluated within the journal, our journal addresses the responsible (corresponded) author, does not have a relationship with other authors, and does not have to give information to people other than the responsible author.

All kinds of publications and copyright of Eurasian Mol Med Sci also belong to the journal editor.

According to the provisions of Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, any part or all of it cannot be published or reproduced by photocopy, digital and similar methods without the permission of the editor of the magazine.

Quotations that do not comply with scientific ethical rules cannot be made. The intellectual and legal responsibility of the articles published in the journal belongs to the authors.

There is no royalty payment to the author (s) for the works published in the journal.

The opinions and responsibility in the articles published in the journal belong to the authors.

In the journal, not only studies from academics but also studies from researchers and practitioners will be evaluated.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal must not have been published anywhere before and have not been submitted for publication.

The citation and reference order of the articles to be sent to the journal should be in accordance with the instruction for the authors of the journal.

Articles should be prepared in accordance with the spelling rules and uploaded to the system completely after registering on the journal website.


Evaluation process:

All studies submitted to Eurasian Mol Biochem Sci are subject to double-blind peer review. At least two external, independent peer reviewers who are experts in their fields to ensure an unbiased evaluation process evaluates each study to be submitted.

The studies evaluated are first evaluated by the editors. Studies found in accordance with the journal publication policies are sent to a field editor for the field of interest for pre-evaluation. Studies that do not comply with the purpose and scope of the journal, are weak in terms of language and expression rules in English, contain scientific critical errors, do not have original value, and do not meet the publication policies are rejected. Authors of rejected studies are informed within two weeks at the latest from the date of submission.

As a result of the referee evaluations, the study is published in the first appropriate issue according to the publishable suggestion of both referees and with the approval of the editorial board. If one of the referees gives a negative opinion, the study is sent to a third referee and evaluated. With the positive view of this referee and the approval of the editorial board, the study is accepted and published in the first appropriate issue. The study with two negative opinions is rejected.

It is foreseen that the publication evaluation process of the studies submitted to the Eurasian Mol Med Sci will be finalized within approximately 4 months.